Alteredux is an all-in-one education solution.

About Alteredux


Alteredux is an all-in-one education solution providing a learning platform with immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain and many more to be added.

As the education field is developing day by day with lots of learning, students lose their interest if that doesn’t make them excited.


What excites the Students?

Technology is the answer that excites the students more than learning in a classroom. Have you ever noticed a kid crying while playing on the mobile or in the garden?
I’m sure the answer is no, then why make kids bored by making them study or educate around the same four walls with black and white boards.

Make our kids learn with fun in the digital world of education by adopting Virtual Reality technology. As of now many schools have adopted this technology but there are still many more schools who haven’t explored the digital era in education. With VR technology, one can be able to experience a 360 degrees of a view or scenario from any corner of the world with lots of interactive 3d objects,images, Videos with high quality spatial audio. 

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The most amazing feature of Alteredux is that it answers most of the challenges instructors face with students with special needs (students with disabilities ).

The instructor can adapt their teaching by creating customized games and lessons as per the needs of the learners. Being in the classroom, educating them and making them aware of every single place and object exists on the earth, which may not be possible without VR. 

Need Of Virtual Reality in Education

Alteredux provides the platform where one can connect via virtual Meeting up to 100 participants at the same time. The technology is full of adventures with learning and can take the users to different pre-made environments without spending money to visit and explore those places. Along with this the user can also create the custom environments of their own choice and subjects. The teacher can manage the schedules, Groups, and can analyze the performance reports of students effectively.

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